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14 Months On & We’re Living In France

14 months??? It has been 14 months since I posted on this site? That actually says rather a lot about how much time, energy, and focus I have placed on the work at A Wanderful Life with all of those travel stories and photo essays. Interesting things have happened on those 14 months. We spent […]

A Pause To Ponder – Part 2

The morning email arrived in my laptop in a fast electronic swoosh as I sat and sipped my strong expresso. I knew I would be seeing my darling friend for lunch later in the day, but I had to laugh aloud when I read her message — “…now I’m worried we are losing you. Maybe […]

All New Book is Now In Print!

Such exciting news!!! The PRINT version of my brand new book — Darkness Folding Inward, Light Emerging — is now available for purchase at This book has taken longer than expected to write and produce due to the challenging nature of some of the psychic visions within it, but I am very proud to […]

Hand-written no more?

“Young lady! We do not need to see handwriting that is that elaborate! That is a sign of too much ego. Now, make it plainer.” And the black-garbed nun turned her back and swished down the aisle between our rows of desks. Back in the day (really dating myself here!), we all had lessons in […]

Following The Fleeting Muse aka Writer’s Block

Arising from a deep slumber, I encircle my body with a warm robe to ward off the morning chill and race to the laptop in the next room. The sentences are dancing in my head as I shuffle across the floor and open the computer. But ah — the muse has teased me once again […]


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