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Multiversal News: 28 August 2011

MULTIVERSAL NEWS:   BANKING AND FINANCE Under the category of “Did you know?” — The Single Most Important Object In The Global Economy French Oil Deal Cuts Fuel Costs FUNNY or ODD The Bermuda Triangle Of Birds GEOLOGICAL, SPACE, or WEATHER ISSUES Along with the Arctic ice, the rich world’s smugness will melt POLITICAL ISSUES […]

Multiversal News: 23 August 2012

Welcome to the first issue of the Multiversal News. Simply click on the titles in each category and it will take you to the story. Please note that I will probably use ‘mainstream news’ sources for 99% of this newsletter with the occasional 1-ish% of blogger or other content. These newsletters will not be posted […]

Where is all this supposed to go?

It rained again all last night and we have now broken records here for rainfall for the last 15-plus years. It is still drizzling, another weather front is headed our way after lunch, and our paddocks from the back deck outwards are under water. There is NO place for the rain to go, the drainage […]

Soggy Tootsies, Warm Tummy

You know how winter is in the best of times — cold and soggy. But this is beyond wet now. Every single day for over 30 days it has rained here in our part of Victoria in Australia — EVERY single one! Since it isn’t shorts and bathing suit season yet — at least I […]


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