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6 Months Later

6 months — it has been 6 months since we sold our house in Australia, sold all of the furniture, put some boxes in storage, said goodbye to our friends, and hit the road. And what a marvelous time we have had thus far! The articles have been rolling out consistently over at A WANDERFUL […]

Zooming along, trying not to crash

OK — quick-ish catch-up. Now that we’ve sold and all the paperwork is signed, we’re down to 18 days here in this house in Australia and I am doing everything possible to stay in cool and purposeful zoom mode. I have Ebay listings for all of the furniture now, have (thankfully!) already sold several pieces, […]

Not missing in action — just busy with impending excitement!

Just a couple of lines. I am NOT missing in action, unwell, too lazy to post, in a can’t-be-bothered mood, or any other variation of why I haven’t been on here for the last 2 weeks. Something wonderful is unfolding and I am hoping to be able to announce it in the next 7 days. […]

My Fairy Godmother Fractured Her Wand

Oh my — what HAS this woman been up to? Just look at the state of her! She has fractured her wand and lost the ability to gracefully sprinkle that fairy dust around. And what will will the other Fairy Godmothers think when they see that she has tried to toss fairy dust with her […]

Where is all this supposed to go?

It rained again all last night and we have now broken records here for rainfall for the last 15-plus years. It is still drizzling, another weather front is headed our way after lunch, and our paddocks from the back deck outwards are under water. There is NO place for the rain to go, the drainage […]

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