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14 Months On & We’re Living In France

14 months??? It has been 14 months since I posted on this site? That actually says rather a lot about how much time, energy, and focus I have placed on the work at A Wanderful Life with all of those travel stories and photo essays. Interesting things have happened on those 14 months. We spent […]

Time and Timing

We’re off — we’re out — we’re on our way! In my entire life, I have never seen such a perfect set of examples of manifestation at completely the last minute — but the way things unfolded during our last week at our former home in country Victoria in Australia was fairly magical. There are […]

The Hardest Goodbye

The days are dwindling down — correction — the days are zooming by. It’s Monday (wee hours of it, anyway!) here in Australia and we have 11 days left until we leave this house. I’ve set the engine in motion and there is no turning back, thankfully. But the hardest decision that I have made […]

Zooming along, trying not to crash

OK — quick-ish catch-up. Now that we’ve sold and all the paperwork is signed, we’re down to 18 days here in this house in Australia and I am doing everything possible to stay in cool and purposeful zoom mode. I have Ebay listings for all of the furniture now, have (thankfully!) already sold several pieces, […]


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