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Ah well…

After a brief first-edition flurry, there seems to be just about zero interest amongst my travel and expat lifestyle followers in reading another newsletter online. So I will put the brakes on that effort immediately. Ah well — it didn’t hurt to try.

14 Months On & We’re Living In France

14 months??? It has been 14 months since I posted on this site? That actually says rather a lot about how much time, energy, and focus I have placed on the work at A Wanderful Life with all of those travel stories and photo essays. Interesting things have happened on those 14 months. We spent […]

Back out into the world!

SOLD!!! After over 4 months on the market, our sweet little eco-cottage, art studio, and 7 acres of land in Central Victoria have sold and we are settling on the 10th of December. Hooray! Soon, very soon we are being launched (quite voluntarily!) back out into the world. The plans for where to travel, who […]

A World Away In Size and Scale

Just back from a weekend in Melbourne and seriously, dear readers — it is a world away from village life in a mere 2 hours (each way) of travelling. The population density and the sheer number of buildings is a brief shock to the senses for the first 24 hours, but after that I settle […]

Oh Please — Really?

So I’m the all-singing, all-dancing, multi-tasking miracle worker of website maintenance — eh? Posted a quick note on Facebook, my business and publishing version — not my family and friends version, and got back a note asking, with a bit of an edge actually, when I planned to upload some of MY photos to the […]


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