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Hello from Deborah Harmes!  I have had a variety of careers over the past few decades and the subheading of this site gives you a REAL clue to my full range of interests. But perhaps I should have added gypsy-footed global traveller!

My primary focus these days is being a writer, an artist-photographer, a lecturer on random occasions, and a consultant to several types of clients including other writers and the film and television industry.

I am also a psychologist (no longer actively practicing and now in semi-retirement) who always maintained an intentionally small and manageable private practice in the past.  I do still take on an occasional case that is interesting and I have done consulting for the Australian film industry in recent years.

I was born in the USA but have lived for most of the past two decades in either England or Australia and I currently reside with my husband Mark in a small and historic gold mining village in Central Victoria in Australia.

Deborah and Mark at home in Australia

Deborah and Mark at home in Australia

My last book, The Dreamkeeper sold fairly well and I have just released the updated and repackaged 3rd edition under a new name, The Dreamkeeper Messages, and with a new ISBN.

In December 2009 I released another book, Darkness Folding Inward and it promptly made two best-seller lists for a few weeks. Given the nature of my writing and the serious topics, I was immensely pleased at the response.

My primary website for information about the various books, articles, and other projects is Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. You can also find the links to my other sites there.

As I write this in November of 2010, we have just sold our home and are about to launch ourselves back into the world for a very big adventure — working on the road and travelling to various countries. And of course this will provide material for a very different kind of book — a book about freeing ourselves from a rut and making radical mid-life changes.

Keep checking back because it promises to be quite an interesting life-voyage!


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