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Downtime In Amsterdam

Posted on | January 3, 2011 | No Comments

Cold and icy and beautiful with slivers of blue sky in streaks overhead. It’s a simply glorious winter day here in Amsterdam. Mark has already made a short run to the grocery store and then a brisk walk to Central Station to purchase an OV-Chipkaart for each of us that will cover our tram, bus, and metro travel for the upcoming week. But I am staying tucked up inside and unexpectedly quiet. It’s time for a break this Sunday.

Cafe Vennington menu

We had intended to go to one of the museums today, but in spite of stopping for a nice hot lunch yesterday, I think I walked for a few hours too many and I got quite chilled. So in an effort to not have a return episode of the pneumonia that knocked the stuffings out of me 3 weeks ago and sent me to the hospital back in Australia, I made the decision to just be quiet in our temporary home here in Amsterdam. And I certainly do feel at home in our charming neighbourhood!

Amsterdam cat named Ginny

To add a nice touch of just-like-home, the apartment that we have rented even came with a very cuddly cat for the first few days whilst the owner’s cat sitter was away. A purring cat is a nice ‘wellness’ strategy, eh?

Yesterday, New Year’s Day, was quite busy for the few tourist attractions that were open and in the photo to the left you can see a portion of the number of people who were lined up to be admitted to the Anne Frank house which faces Prinsengracht Canal. The line extended around the block and down into the next block. I remember going there on a summer morning in the late 1980s and yes, there were always lines back then. But it has now become such a ‘must see’ place that people are apparently willing to stand for hours in the icy cold — something I am no longer interested in doing.

So today I am editing photos, sipping hot tea, conserving the small amount of energy that this jet-lagged little body has, and quite frankly enjoying being in my pajamas all day! Here are a few photos from yesterday. Enjoy!

Rypenhofje entry facade

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