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It’s Relative

Posted on | December 20, 2010 | 2 Comments

It’s relative — right? Relative as it relates to the topography? Or was I simply deluding myself?

I have been feeling fitter and healthier this year — able to walk quite vigorously on our flat terrain in Central Victoria for 45 minutes at a time, several days a week, for nine months now. Pneumonia knocked me on my backside for the last few weeks, but I felt like the worst had passed and I was ready to go out there and tackle the world again.

DELUSIONAL!!! I was seriously deluding myself about my real levels of fitness and resilience when I began going up and down the hills in Sydney during the last week and found myself with burning muscles and wheezing like an old steam engine.

How conveniently I had managed to forget that I am no longer a sprightly-springy 20 or 30-something. But the thudding heartbeat and sweaty brow after over an hour of non-stop upsy-downsy movement left me glancing enviously at the twiggy ultra-fit Sydneysiders who live like this all of the time and who strode past me without looking the slightest bit stressed or worn out.

But I didn’t stop today and I didn’t sit down anywhere and I didn’t take a break. Now that we are about to be living a more active life in Europe, it’s time to regain the ability to walk somewhere non-stop for over an hour at a time even if there are hills or steep stairs involved!!!

Oh well — a little bit here and there every day or so and I’ll get there eventually — right??? (sigh!)


2 Responses to “It’s Relative”

  1. Chris
    December 21st, 2010 @ 3:01 AM

    Keep moving! Vince Lombardi said “You’re getting better, or you’re getting worse, nobody stays the same!”

  2. Deborah
    December 21st, 2010 @ 3:28 AM

    My brain says, “You’re just the same” but the bod certainly screams otherwise. Yep — I’ll keep moving!

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