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14 Months On & We’re Living In France

Posted on | August 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

14 months??? It has been 14 months since I posted on this site?

That actually says rather a lot about how much time, energy, and focus I have placed on the work at A Wanderful Life with all of those travel stories and photo essays.

Interesting things have happened on those 14 months. We spent the summer of 2011 in Normandy, then went back to England in the late summer and early autumn of 2011 to do a renovation project on a house in London and you can see a selection of those pictures at Ad Lib Artisans.

We went back and forth between England and France for 6 months — mainly living and working in Normandy. And now we have stopped travelling (for now?) and are living in the South of France in St. Girons, a town in the Midi-Pyrenees which is less than an hour from the border of Spain.

Yes — we’ve had some ups and downs, a few health issues, a bit of trouble finding a place to live, the usual sorts of day-to-day boo-boos. But all in all it has been perfectly splendid. We really did make the right decision when we sold our house in Australia, closed the business, and went travelling. And now, 21 months after we packed them, we have just been re-united with our boxes which have come by ship from Australia. Hooray!

Well then — if I am SO BUSY maintaining the A Wanderful Life website and keeping my editors at various spots and agencies around the world happy, why am I back over here on Multiversal Musing after a huge absence?

It’s because one website cannot be all things to all topics. And that is why I have made the effort to divide our various interests and occupations into one site for the travel writing and photography, one site for the building-renovation-decoration work, one site just for photography, and THIS site which was always my ‘musing in the Universe’ site about social issues, political trends, eco-topics, health and wellness, and of course, spiritual and paranormal posts on occasion.

I’ve missed it frankly — I’ve missed discussing those other areas of my life. So lest I clutter and confuse the A Wanderful Life website (or any of the others!), I shall be back here on occasion to post bits of this and that. And I will link the posts on this site to the other one so that people who are not simply travel or expat-lifestyle oriented can cruise over here on occasion, too.

There will be times when, instead of writing an entire essay, I will post a list of links that might be of interest on a variety of topics — a sort of Multiversal Musing Daily complete with categories. We’ll have to see how it all works out since I am currently working against a deadline for a book and I have hundreds of photos that are pending upload to my agencies.

Good to be back amongst the other aspects of life — so watch this space!

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